9Wood manufactures some of the highest quality wood ceilings in the world. All of their ceilingsare fully customizable, so they are not limited to the list below. Please take a look at these categories of product lines.

1000 Grilles

Inspired by Alvar Aalto’s slat ceilings, the 9Wood grilles combine the design features of popular wood grilles with cost-saving commercial construction criteria.

2000 Linears

Tongue-and-grooved linear wood was traditionally toe-nailed to ceiling rafters. 9Wood has perfected the installation of linear wood in commercial wood ceilings, bringing the functional advantages of modern construction with it.

3000 Acoustic

Managing sound is a central concern of wood ceiling design. A common solution is to create openings in the otherwise reflective wood surface. Sound absorbing fiberglass is placed as a backing over these openings.

4000 Tiles

The 4300 Lift & Lock was designed to solve trouble accessing large panels. Grooves milled into panel edges are an industry standard “lift-and-shift edge” solution. But we found it nearly impossible to manipulate the “lift-and-shift edge” grooves into the T-Bar flange.

5000 Perforated Tiles

When combined with our 5000 Perforation series, our suite of tile suspension systems give designers a wide range of acoustic solutions. The three classic patterns are Parallel, Staggered and Diamond.

6000 Cubes

The need for choices in addition to circular holes or linear edges inspired cube ceilings. The wood cell pattern creates a rich plenum mask. Open cell design also provides high percent opening acoustics.

7000 Coffers

Desire for traditional coffer design – but with modern access functionality – pose challenges for suspended wood coffers. The solution is a combination of woodworking craftsmanship and accessible “Lift & Shift ” suspension using commercial T-Bar Grid and 9Wood’s unique “baby rabbet”.

8000 Waves

Arcuated designs pose special challenges for wood ceilings. Problem solving requires a tool kit of construction solutions. With our Wood Waves series 8000 the solutions are numerous. Grilles, linears, acoustic wood, tiles; 9Wood offers designers vaulted or undulating options using cost effective pre-curved suspension grid.

9000 Engineered to Order

9Wood is an Engineered-to-Order manufacturer. That means we are 100% custom. We don’t stock wood; we don’t inventory panels. Everything we produce is to your specification.