9Wood, Inc.specializes in high-quality wood ceilings. Formed in July 2004, the company was established by people who shared the similar values of integrity, environmental protection, and quality. Its mission is “To improve the economic welfare and quality of life of all stakeholders.” They consider the environment as a stakeholder and thus are committed to continuous improvement of sustainability practices.

A leader in the acoustic solutions industry for more than 75 years, Conwed Designscape/Wall Technology is a foremost manufacturer and supplier of custom acoustical walls, ceilings and related products applicable to a wide range of commercial, institutional, retail and other building type. With an experienced team dedicated to provide industry-leading customer service that matches their product quality and performance, the company is well-known for its sustained leadership in the design and production of acoustical interior wall and ceiling products, and office systems. Their products function as per clients’ exact acoustical specs complementing the background beautifully.

Gordon, Inc. is an award-winning manufacturer and is widely known throughout the industry as the leader in custom architectural specialties. Product applications include specialty metal ceilings and wall systems, drywall and plaster trims, column enclosures, and other custom applications. Gordon offers cutting-edge capabilities, high quality precision assembly work and metal forming. On the strength of its absolute commitment to a customer-first focus, superior quality and workmanship, second-to-none service, state-of-the-art manufacturing capability, and exceptional financial stability, Gordon, Inc. has positioned itself as the recognized industry leader in the Interior Specialties, ALPRO® Acoustical Systems, Cleanroom Products, Corrections, Exterior, and Data Center markets.

Eurospan Fabrics has been in the business since 1982 producing and supplying highly functional and well-designed acoustical solutions. Their wall and ceiling acoustical panels combine slick and flawless look with acoustic science and a touch of green. They offer the stylishness to supplement a variety of designs with the most excellent sound-control and enhancement. Clients are assured of getting only the highest level of quality assistance and service with the support of Owen Corning’s global leadership in commercial acoustical products, systems and service.